I’m looking for meals

I like the look of a few different cooks. Can I order from all of them?

Yes, you can, but not all at once. Let’s assume you like three different cooks. You browse their menu, and if it is open you can place an order. If it’s not open you can choose to be notified when it does. Then you move onto the next business you would like to order from.

Is Cookaborough a delivery service?

Lots of businesses using Cookaborough offer delivery. Each business using our platform runs their own show, including organising their own deliveries and pick ups.

I’m looking for meals for tonight. Is this the right place?

The businesses using Cookaborough have a weekly cycle. So when looking at their menus, you usually plan for the following week ahead. Make sure to read about their weekly cycle to know when the menu opens and when meals are delivered. 

What am I signing up for?

When signing up with a cook you will receive their weekly menus in your Inbox and be able to easily order from them if you see something you like. You can unsubscribe from their emails at any time.

How do I know my food is safe to eat?

To use our platform, every food business needs to prove to us that they are working out of a council-registered kitchen and have completed the appropriate food safety certification.

How does Cookaborough help me?

Every food business using Cookaborough is here to help solve your dinner dilemma. Cookaborough helps them run their business while offering you a directory of businesses using our platform that serves your area - think of them like your cook in the ‘hood!

You can browse our website and see who you like the look of. Once you have found someone, you order with them directly through Cookaborough.

Why do I need a Cookaborough account?

While you become a customer of your preferred cooks and communicate with them directly, Cookaborough remains a conduit for you so when you signing up with a cook, you are also signing up to have an account with Cookaborough. This allows you to view your order history, your delivery, payment and notification settings for any cook that you may have ordered with who is using Cookaborough.

I’m a food business

How do I get started on Cookaborough?

You need access to a registered kitchen and need your cooks to have a Food Safety Supervisor qualification. Then, creating a Cookaborough account is easy and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Just click the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top of the page, enter your basic details, and you’re ready to start setting up your profile. You can complete your “kitchen page” on your own, or get in touch with our team, who can help - either way, you can publish your first menu in just a few days.

I have an e-commerce solution. Why would I use Cookaborough?

Cookaborough is customised software that provides an end-to-end solution for anyone operating a food business under a batched model. You can think of it as an integrated combination of e-commerce, CRM, food management software, delivery routing, accounting (and more). So if your business is ready-made meals to order through a weekly menu, you need only use Cookaborough, and transitioning is very simple. 

If you run a business with multiple channels, Cookaborough can work with it. For example, you can add a link from your website to send customers across to your Cookaborough page and also include your website link on your Cookaborough menu page.

What sort of business is Cookaborough most suited to?

Cookaborough is for food businesses with the ability to run a weekly menu of ready-made meals to their local area. It has been adopted with great results by caterers, chefs, home-based food businesses and local food stores. It’s for small businesses with a handful of customers and large ones receiving thousands of orders.

What is your batch model?

Our ‘clever batch’ model is very simple. It's a weekly batch cooking process superpowered by our bespoke software. If you are already running on a weekly batch model, you know it well. It's a simple, efficient, predictable cycle that works both for your customers and for your business.

Cookaborough makes it easy to manage - you publish a menu to your customers that stays open for orders for a few days. When the menu closes, you receive collated reports of all the orders (for example, including a shopping list of all that you need for that week and all labels for the meals, analytics and delivery routing), then deliver them on one delivery route (or pick up) on a set day. Easy peasy.

What do I get for my 7.5%?

You can store recipes, create menus, enable online payments, manage customers, set up promotions for different groups, and access food labels and analytic reports. 

Additionally, with automatic labelling and nutrition panels, aggregating orders and shopping lists through to marketing and sales, Cookaborough helps you handle all the time-consuming operational tasks that typically hinder your category's business efficiency and growth.

Are there any set-up fees, lock-in periods or hidden costs?

No. Our mission is to make it easy for food businesses to operate efficiently and thrive. With this in mind, you only pay when you work (% on each order), and we’ve ensured there are no lock-in periods, hidden costs, or set-up fees.

At any point in time, you can stop using the platform without incurring any costs.


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